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Hi! I’m Mr Marketer, a specialist in education and marketing. I am a highly motivated, hard working individual with a successful track record. As a well qualified and educated individual, I have held positions of very high levels of responsibility in the fields of finance, marketing and education.

Mr Marketer is a project I began to give back to the student community through the areas I specialise in. The main objective of Mr Marketer is to provide a formal and authorised link between international education enterprises, national institutions and students planning to study abroad.

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Mr Marketer Main Goals


The primary goal is to ensure those students who are planning to study abroad are given professional advice and information.

There are various requirements and procedures when processing student applications for admission. Through Mr Marketer I aim to provide this in a systematic manner.

It can be seen that education worldwide faces the challenge of changing demands and opportunities within the increasing student movement.  Many more students are seeking international qualifications of repute accepted in the global market.

In order to achieve these aims, I will operate Mr Marketer as a full time Student Education Counselling Service.

Therefore, Mr Marketer is in place to ensure that students have access to a professional channel of communications. Students can then choose and plan their education and career needs wisely and implement decisions about their future in a well-planned manner.

This will ensure output value of their time and parent’s investments.

Changes and Challenges

Homepage Mr Marketer

I want Mr Marketer to ensure that students are equipped to cope with changes in their environments.

The guides presented on this website will allow students to acquire the correct skills and knowledge in order to continue their learning and observation skills throughout their lives.

It can aid students to develop positive attitudes that creates individual and collective commitment to standards of perfection and excellence.

Mr Marketer is here to help in more ways than one.

I will provide answers to any questions that national and international students have on any stage of the admission process. I understand that students may need a helping hand with completing their forms, applying for visas, getting accommodation and scholarships that are available.

Make sure to keep checking back to this website for updated articles that will cover all the important questions university students will ask.

Education and Marketing


Homepage Mr MarketerFirstly, through education as described above.

Secondly, I want to cultivate a culture of connectedness through social media marketing. Mr Marketer teaches students basic and advanced skills to enhance social media profiles on various platforms.

Social media has become increasingly important to stay in touch with family and friends. This is especially important for international students studying abroad.

When students are away from their loved ones for so long it can become difficult to stay in touch on a regular basis.

Social media makes it easier to send photos and videos as well as texts from various devices. Therefore, on Mr Marketer I will provide detailed guides on all aspects of social media use.

Getting a Head Start


For those individuals who want to go further and get a head start in the digital world, there is help available on web development and content creation. This is extremely useful for students of all disciplines who will have access to a variety of articles and guides.

Mr Marketer readers will be able to find information on marketing tools and techniques, simple breakdowns of website building and content creation, as well as reviews on the best SEO methods and social media promotion.

Many posts are also concerned with providing a non-biased view on digital marketing practices and new technologies available.

Mr. Marketer gets down to business and only provides the best content to students. Regardless of age, discipline or level of online experience, this website will help you at any stage.

The aim here is to help you make the most out of your student life and beyond by creating and maintaining a relevant online presence.

This can be through building your own website, writing reviews or articles on web 2.0. Other important aspects are developing social media profiles that reflect your skills and passion.

I regularly update the blog by adding fresh content to keep up with the growing world of education and digital marketing.

Take a look around and check out my social media pages for even more insight into studying abroad. Or use the handy Contact Me page to leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


Homepage Mr Marketer


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