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My strong background in education and marketing has led me to create Mr Marketer. I want students to use this site as a tool to pursue their educational dreams.

I was born and raised in Pakistan where I studied Accounting and Finance at Peshawar University. Upon completion, I pursued a Master in Marketing at the same university. My upbringing in Pakistan has meant that I am very well adapted to the culture, customs, society, environment and way of living there.

Therefore, I can relate to individuals and groups from any South Asian country with ease as the cultures and customs are very similar.

Mr Marketer

My initial career was in banking and I held positions in this field for 10 years.

Firstly, I worked at Allied Bank in Pakistan for around 3 years where I gained lots of experience.

After this, I moved to the UK where I have lived and worked for two decades. In the UK, I worked at HSBC bank for around 7 years.

Alongside obtaining a degree in Marketing, I have completed multiple short courses and training in various areas in the education field. Up until 2012 I worked with UK universities as an education consultant. I would aid students get into university by helping with the admission process, visas and any other application help.

After this, I moved onto other projects, mainly marketing for organisations. With these skills, I have now set up this website as a way to continue to help international students in my spare time.

I want to pass on my knowledge and experience on the application process, university selections, admissions, and visas etc.


How can Mr Marketer help International Students?


Sometimes there are barriers and I want to remove these and reach out a helping hand. I have a successful track record of working alongside international students who want to move to other countries for various courses.

Therefore, I will be placing all my experience on this website and my social media’s free for students to browse.


Homepage Mr MarketerOnce students move to another country, there are many things to consider.

1. Things like, where will I live?

2. How will I make friends?

3. How can I stay in contact with my family and friends from home?

Well, Mr Marketer is here to help with these queries and more!


With a constantly developing need for an online presence, many university students may not obtain the relevant knowledge on successfully staying in touch online.

As an individual with a marketing background, I am here to give advice on how to grow your online presence.


Mr MarketerI want students to reach new heights with their online presence.

This is achieved through effective social media techniques, website creation, successful SEO practice and much more.

The aim of Mr. Marketer is not to just grow online, but it is to help students understand the process taken to grow it.


Hard work and determination are not just words, they are a call to action that require individuals to commit themselves to their projects.

With Mr. Marketer, I have committed myself to this project in order to put in place important information to my valued readers.


So, take a look around and see for yourself just how you can benefit from Mr. Marketer!



Mr Marketer



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