How to start your own website – A Guide for Beginners

In order to create a website, some essential steps must be taken. If these are followed correctly, a strong foundation will be put in place. In this article I aim to outline the important steps needed to begin your new venture.

Anyone can make a website and for many different things. This can include:

  • hobbies
  • pets
  • fashion
  • travel
  • blogging and sending out a message
  • business

This guide is written for beginners who want to pursue a new skill and learn to create a basic site. Continue reading if this sounds like something you need!

Purchasing a Domain


Mr Marketer WebsiteBefore any other steps or procedures can be taken, customers must choose a suitable domain name.

This is crucial in reaching out to specific audiences and gaining customers.

The domain name is what people type into the address bar or Google to find your business website.

An example of this is in fact where ‘Google’ is the domain name.

Customers pay a fixed price for their chosen domain name to maintain the website. This is usually paid for one year or two years but can be paid in advance for a longer time depending on the hosting company.

Unique Name


The domain name chosen must be unique as the popular ones are usually always taken. The more popular a name is, the more expensive it is. This is why it is advised to choose a unique name that is not very common.

Therefore, the price won’t be very high, and it will be available to claim!

The name should appeal to the audience targeted by your business and so the name should be considered very carefully!

Web Hosting


The hosting to your website is extremely important for your website as it is the connection for your website to the internet.Mr Marketer Website

Your web host is the connector, so you must sign up to one to register your domain with them.

Some examples of hosting websites are:

  • HostGator
  • GoDaddy
  • Servikus
  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround

There are other hosting websites out there so make sure to do your own research before diving in. I have outlined these companies as they are known to be reliable and efficient in what they do.

Again, you must pay an annual fee for your web hosting or depending on your payment plan with the company you can pay in monthly instalments.

Web Design for your Website


Designing your website is the next step to be taken once your domain name and hosting have been decided. At this stage you can either manually design the website yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

If you choose the former, then you must take into account the many different aspects of a website and optimise them to their maximum potential.

Some of the factors to be taken into consideration includes the following:

  • Layout
    • this refers to the setup of your website which will catch the attention of your audience.
  • Graphics and colour
    • consider what the colour coordination will and how this will fit the schematics of the company’s graphic design?
  • Content
    • The content is vital to a website and the pillar through which businesses can reach out to an audience.
    • What will you write about?
    • What is your target audience and how does it fit into your wider vision?


Other elements to take into consideration are navigation, compatibility, interactivity.



Choosing a theme is the fun part of the process in my opinion. If you are using WordPress to create your website, there are a ton of free themes to choose from.

When selecting which theme to use, it is best to keep in mind the kind of site you want to put forward to your customers. It is essential to think about the practicality and the layout as the user interface makes up the whole experience of browsing a site.

The colour scheme, background, heading, menu’s and images all make up the visuals. This contributes greatly to how users are effected and how much they will want to come back to your website.

But be careful…

While having lots of cool features sounds great, it may not always look great.

In other words, less can be more!


As with every aspect of your website, make sure to research all your options. With the theme and layout, its all about trying new things and experimenting to find the perfect fit for you and your business.


Mr Marketer Website



While a theme is useful for adding colour schemes and fonts, you can add many more features to make your website unique with plugins.

Plugins are downloaded from within WordPress and should be activated before use. Similar to themes, plugins can be bought or you can choose from a variety of free ones. Most importantly, there are plugins for almost any feature you could want to incorporate on your website.

In my opinion, the most needed plugins on any website are ones for:

  • Contact forms
  • Site Maps
  • SEO and Keyword
  • Social Media
  • Sliders

However, there is a large data base out there which is updated everyday with brand new plugins so never restrict yourself. Make sure to try and test what works best for your website.

Test run your website

Mr Marketer Website

Test what your website looks like on multiple platforms as well as devices. Getting it right in its earliest stages is crucial and so fixing the minor changes


and adjusting it to each platform and device gives you the creative edge you need.

Most themes and plugins these days are responsive by default which means you don’t have to worry too much about what your site will look like on other devices or fussing around in the coding.

Make sure to always check what the website runs like on phones and tablets as well as a desktop because images and text are altered according to size and quality when viewed on smaller or larger screens.

Ready, Set, Go!


If you have followed this guide, your website should be up and running and ready to go! Make sure to keep checks on your payments for your domain name and hosting as well as any other payments you may have made.

Keep you site up to date and relevant to what you are promoting. Also keep in mind that this article is written as a guide and can be altered to suit personal needs!


Mr Marketer Website



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