SNAPCHAT Ultimate Guide and Review!


As most people with a smartphone, you have most likely heard about and even used Snapchat.

It’s a popular mobile app that takes messaging to a whole new level.

Instead of the mundane way of texting a friend or sending them a still image of yourself which you might regret straight after, Snapchat have brought into play the self-destructing image and video sharing capability.

What do you mean I hear you say?


Well basically, when you send a photo or video to a contact, once opened the recipient will have one chance to view it before it is completely gone. This has given people the freedom to send and receive bizarre content that they know can’t be viewed again.

Well, unless they use the replay button which is only valid once every day!



However, as we all may already know, there is the option of the viewer screen-shotting the image before it disappears and so places the self-destruct function of the app into question.

Nevertheless, the app is enjoyed by millions of avid users around the world and if you’ve tried it you will know how addictive it can be. This article will provide you with a Snapchat ultimate guide and review!

Choose your name wisely…


You decide your username when you download and sign up to Snapchat and this name cannot be changed. You should think carefully about what you want to be known as to your friends and fellow Snapchatters!

If a username is taken you will have to choose another one.


Time to get creative but not crazy…right?


Snapchat Mr Marketer

Self-Destruct Mode…Activated!


The self-destructing capability of Snapchat has quickly become a favourite among the youth. Snapchat allows you to send a photo and you choose the time limit you want the recipient to view it for.

Snapchat Mr MarketerFrom 1 second shots to 10 second ones – it’s your choice!

Recently, however, they have introduced the infinite loop where you can send a photo or video to someone for an unlimited amount of time.

Unless that person clicks next they are free to view that image or looped video for as long as they want.


The stories feature literally allows you to create a story from your photos and videos. It’s a handy and creative way to showcase to your followers what you are doing, where you are going, or anything interesting that may be going on in your life.

Once you post a video or an image, it is viewable an unlimited number of times by your followers for 24 hours. You can delete certain snaps from your story should you want.

You can also see who has viewed your story so far on each individual snap you have uploaded. A handy way to see who and how quickly your Snaps are watched!

Custom Stories


Another new feature on the Snapchat update allows users to include their friends in a custom-made story.

This is a story created by different users who add their photos and videos.

The feature is especially handy when on a night out, at a birthday or on holiday together with mates.

Filters for Days


Probably the best thing about Snapchat in my opinion are the filters. From the very popular dog filter to more bizarre ones like being a watermelon, you can change your face in a matter of seconds.

Some filters are only there for a limited amount of time due to holidays, festivals or sponsors.

While others make frequent appearances throughout the year like the cute cat or deer filters.


Geo-filters are another cool feature Snapchat have offered their users.

These are filters you can apply after you take a photo or video to show your friends and followers where you are.

So, the next time you’re taking a trip down to London or heading out to the beach, you can use a geo-filter to let people know where you are spending your day.



Maps is a relatively new feature, released in the most recent Snapchat update.

This map can be accessed by pinching your screen and shows you a map of all your Snapchat friends and their avatars.

Snapchat Mr MarketerYou can opt out of being shown on this map in the settings.

Once on the map screen you will see all your friends across the globe and according to their whereabouts, their location will change.

Snapchat can calculate your speed and location and therefore, your avatar may be shown in a car if you are driving, in a bikini if you are at the beach or even in a little plane if you happen to be flying.


Creepy or cool? Let me know in the comments below!


Snapchat Mr Marketer

Bitmoji >>> Emoji?


Snapchat Mr Marketer

This has to be the cutest feature on Snapchat! Linking a Bitmoji account allows freedom to add a little version of you on all Snaps!


There is a Bitmoji for all occasions and even ones dressed as superheroes. I think we all need a Spidey-Me sometimes!

Snapchat for pleasure or business?


Snapchat is mostly used by teens and young adults who are looking to connect with friends and family. However, there are many businesses that have started to use Snapchat as yet another social platform to connect and grow with their audience.

Snapchat allows businesses to advertise on the app. This can be achieved through Snap ads, sponsored geo-filters and sponsored lenses. Multiple major brands have taken advantage of this and used Snapchat for marketing campaigns.

For an in-depth look at how you can successfully advertise your business on Snapchat and take full advantage of the marketing techniques available, click here to read the full article.


Final Thoughts


Snapchat is a fun, photo-sharing platform that is simple enough to be used by all sorts of individuals and companies. It is unique in that content sent is destroyed after a time limit which changes the social media game.

Other social media have followed suit and incorporated the ‘stories’ feature in their apps too. Take a look at Instagram and Facebook for example.


What are your thoughts on Snapchat and its many unique features? Let us know in the comments below!


Snapchat Mr Marketer


Happy Snapping!


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