Twitter basics – Do you really know what Twitter is?

What is Twitter? 

Technically, Twitter is known as a microblogging site. Un-technically, Twitter is a social networking site used for sharing photos, videos and most importantly, memes.

What we can say is that Twitter is a website that gives users the chance to explore and view all the latest news and trends globally.

It focuses less on the connectivity like other social media sites do (like Facebook!), and more on taking stance as a legitimate source of trends and reports.


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This gives Twitter it’s unique edge as opposed to other social media especially since all posts are in real-time. Millions of users across Twitter are exposed to millions of Tweets every minute as soon as they are posted.

Microblogging…What is it?

The term blog has been around for some time now. Usually individuals who decide they want to ‘blog’ set up a website and write about their interests and hobbies. Popular blogging subjects are sports, fashion, food, travel and photography.

On the other hand, microblogging defines short, concise posts on a regular basis to an audience. Twitter has created a platform for microblogging which allows a combination between classic style blogging and direct messaging.

In this way, users are able to write a post within a word limit that reflects their views, opinions or beliefs.


Less characters than a Disney movie

Twitter restricts the number of characters allowed on a post. Initially, users were limited to 140 characters per post.

The ‘characters’ counts not only the words and letters, but the spaces and any other symbols and numbers typed. Recently, Twitter updated the maximum characters to 280 which allows more leniency to users to get their message across.


The most popular way of reaching an audience on Twitter is through the use of hashtags. These are words related to specific areas of interest, again sport and fashion, with a hashtag symbol in front.


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Hashtags are a simple way for users to find content they are interested in. Users can find similar posts under hashtags related to particular areas like sport and fashion.

Your Timeline

On the main page, a user can access a ‘home timeline’ once logged in. The timeline consists of all the accounts users have chosen to follow.

This is made-up of interests, allowing individuals to catch up with the latest news and trends both nationally and internationally.


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Users are able to access a timeline of tweets. This consists of a stream of recently added posts from accounts followed.


Users are given the chance to follow others which a feature common among social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Users can reach a wider audience through likes, shares and retweets which gains more followers.

This also allows users to capitalise on their audience. Companies sponsor users that post content related to their organisation and its values.

Direct Messaging (DM)

Although Twitter doesn’t give a community vibe, direct messaging does exist. It gives users the chance to interact and share tweets privately. Users are able to have a conversation without it being public.


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Tweeting is not just for birds

Tweeting is one of the main functions of Twitter and is a means through which users express opinions and share information. As previously mentioned, one way of sharing information is in the form of a DM.

The other method is through “Re-Tweeting.”


Re-tweeting is a method of sharing content found on Twitter onto your page so that your followers may see it. Users are able to write a thought or opinion alongside the post they are re-tweeting.

This creates the opportunity to have a fresh perspective on a topic which can raise a new debate. Alternatively, it allows multiple users to agree with one another through re-tweeting posts.

Twitter as a Marketing Tool


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While Twitter is used by average individuals as well as political beings and celebrities, it is also a point of contact for businesses. Businesses are able to gain exposure to a large audience and can use Twitter to advertise their services.

Twitter has quickly become a cornerstone for new businesses to make a mark for themselves online. It has never been easier to share information and brand to customers globally.

Check out this post to see exactly how you can use Twitter as a marketing tool.

How will you use Twitter?

What this article has shown is that an online presence is more than important in today’s business world. Customers can easily achieve this through Twitter.

Getting to know the basics through an individual profile makes it much simpler when coordinating it for your start-up.

Make sure to leave a comment and share this post to help others on their way to online success!

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