University Course Guide

Are you looking to study in the UK and need to find the perfect university course?

On this page you will find all the links to the university course offered in the UK across a range of subjects.

Students may already have an idea of what they would like to study but need some clarification on the sort of courses offered under their specified discipline. Or they may want to understand the modules studied throughout the university course.

With this list, prospective international students can quickly find more information about Master’s degrees offered in UK higher and further education institutions.

This list will be periodically updated so do check back regularly!

Remember to check out our handy guide on the UK admission process for international students as well.

Business, Accounting, Marketing and Enterprise

MA Human Resource Management (Applied)

MSc International Management Accountancy (Applied)

MSc International Management (Applied)

MSc International Management (Human Resource Management)

MSc International Management (Marketing Management)

MSc International Management (Operations)

MBA, Master of Business Administration (Applied)

Crime, Forensics and Investigative Science

MSc Crime, Intelligence and Data Analytics (with Advance Practice)

MSc Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation (with Advance Practice)

MSc Forensics Science (with Advance Practice)


MA Design (with Advance Practice)

MA Visual Communication (with Advance Practice)

university course guide mr marketer

MSc Aerospace Engineering (with Advance Practice)

MSc Chemical Engineering (with Advance Practice)

MSc Civil and Structuring Engineering (with Advance Practice)

MSc Electrical Power and Energy System (with Advance Practice)

MSc Food Processing Engineering (with Advance Practice)

MSc Instrumentation and Control Engineering (with Advance Practice)

MSc Mechanical Engineering (with Advance Practice)

MSc Oil and Gas Management (with Advance Practice)

MSc Petroleum Engineering (with Advance Practice)

MSc Project Management (with Advance Practice)

Law, Policing and Investigation

LLM Master of Law (Applied)

Life and Physical Sciences

MSc Bioinformatics (with Advance Practice)

MSc Energy and Environment Management (with Advance Practice)

MSc Food Science and Biotechnology (with Advance Practice)

MSc Microbiology (with Advance Practice)

Nursing, Midwifery and Health Profession

MPH Master of Public Health (Applied)

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